Summer Skool Intercession by Myisha hill
Enrollment is closed

Summer Skool Intercession

 is a week-long anti-racism series for co-conspirators ready to go deeper on their anti-racism journey. All workshops hosted PST. Replays will be available 24 hours after each session.
Enrollment is closed

It's imperative that white people identifying as "feminist," "progressive," "liberal," or helping professionals do their work to move beyond allyship into co-conspired action that builds in-roads to true solidarity.

This weeklong intersession is an opportunity for you to:

▶ Go deeper with your favorite anti-racism guides

▶ Unpack your relationship with white supremacy

▶ Understand how identity politics shape relationships

▶ Decolonize your relationship with oppression

▶ Take a guided journey into your relationship with power, privilege, and racism

▶ Learn how to continue educating yourself, become a resource to other folks find ways to integrate anti-racism work into your daily life

Monday · June 29, 2020

Dyan Edwards:  10:00  am

Aycee Brown:  11:00  am

Tuesday · June 30, 2020

Gabes Torres: 4:00 pm

Brandy Varnado:  5:00 pm

Wednesday · July 1, 2020

Lettie Shumate:  10:00 am

Myisha T HIll: 11:00 am

Thursday · July 2, 2020

Louiza Doran: 4:00 pm 

Community Q&A:  5:00 pm

Friday · July 3, 2020

 Co-Conspired Conversation LIVE: 10:00 am

Guided Q&A with all facilitators

What's included:

▶ Instructor worksheet from each guide for ongoing work on their ongoing journey.

▶ Full course replay from all the guides


I would love to sign up, but can’t make it. Will I have access to the replay?


How will I access the series?

You will see the ZOOM LINK in the backend of the platform and will be emailed before class time.  

How long is each workshop?

Two Hours

I'm A BBIPOC, How can I access discounted prices?


My name is Myisha T Hill.

I teach white folx how to live a more intersectional life. In 2018, I got curious about white women's relationship with privilege and wanted to investigate how unchecked privilege causes harm in communities of color. My human-first approach helps white womxn identify the ways their relationship with systems of domination impacts their ability to build conscious community and connection across racial difference.