Breaking The Addiction Of Privilege October by Myisha hill
Enrollment is closed

Breaking The Addiction Of Privilege October

A 3 hour co-conspirators workshop
Enrollment is closed
  • You’ve read blog posts, googled terminology like ‘white culture’, ‘white comfort’ and ‘white fragility’, but you know that's not the answer you need

  • You know there are life changes to be made, inner work to be done - but what is it? And where do you begin

  • You know you want to do your part to dismantle white supremacy, but you’d love to have a guide on through the journey. 

  • You desire to do this work with integrity and de-center your relationship with whiteness.

  • You aim to be a co-conspirator, and be in a conscious community with women of color without causing harm.
  • A pdf guidebook 
  • A group of action-driven co-conspirators for community & collaboration
  • Option to get discounted 1:1 coaching sessions
  • An advance copy (October 2020 ) of Check Your Privilege, Lean Into Discomfort to be released Winter 2020


What am I committing to?

3 hour workshop with peer reflections and guided community.

When do we meet?

The last Tuesday of the month at 3 PM PST

Do I have to attend live?

NO, life happens and the REPLAY is available. 

When will I receive access to the course?

You'll get access when the course begins.

Do you offer scholarships?

Thanks to the generosity of Co-Conspirators we offer 1 full scholarship, 1 sliding scale scholarship, and 1 sliding scale. Email for more information.

Will I lose access to the course when the course is over?

No. You will have lifetime access to the course and course content. 

When will I receive access to the course?

You'll get access when the course begins.

My name is Myisha T Hill.

I teach white folx how to live a more intersectional life. In 2018, I got curious about white women's relationship with privilege and wanted to investigate how unchecked privilege causes harm in communities of color. My human-first approach helps white womxn identify the ways their relationship with systems of domination impacts their ability to build conscious community and connection across racial difference.